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Top reasons to wear right pair of shoes ….. For different activities

December 08, 2016 – 1 Comments

They say that a man is known by his shoes. And when it is about choosing the right kind of shoes for different activities it becomes all more difficult for one to get it right especially in today’s present market where there is simply an abundance of brands, types and stores.
However difficult may the choice be; you should make it absolutely certain that you pick your right pair of shoes depending upon the need that it is going to serve.

So here are the top reasons why you should wear the right pair of shoes:

1.   Provides Great Comfort- Right pair of shoes provide the ideal feeling of amenity, feel-good factor, convenience and satisfaction.

2.     Avoid Injuries and Blisters- Injuries and blisters can be easily avoided if you have the right pair of shoes on for the right kind of activities.

3.     Unfitting shoes may disturb your fitness or weight loss endeavour- Having the wrong pair of shoes for your fitness or weight loss training may hamper and disrupt the endeavour as the bottom line is you are not at ease.

4.     Gives good traction- Good grip is supplied to your feet when you wear the perfect pair of shoes for your relevant kind of activity.

5.     Reduces chances of falling sick- With the ideal pair of shoes you give yourself a great chance of staying away from falling sick due to unhygienic conditions. That is why repeated stress is given to have a separate pair of shoes for gym workout from the one that is used for outdoor purpose asyour immunity level drops down when you sweat it out in the gym.

6.     Gives support to different foot patterns, gait patterns and training styles- People with different foot patterns and training styles will need much needed support for their routines.

7. Provides freedom of movement which indirectly boosts your confidence- Right shoe gives you the extra edge of freedom of movement thereby increasing your confidence levels as well to a greater extent.
8. Minimize the impact of your step and protect the foot from heavy landings- helps protect your feet from possible damage when performing high impact activities
9. Facilitates in quick direction changes which is crucial in sports, athletics and workouts-It is essential to have the ability to change direction quickly in athletics, sports and also for different workout purpose and the right pair of shoe can certainly aid in that.
10.Provides with the much-needed flexibility and lateral stability-Overall stability and flexibility is achieved by wearing the right shoes for the right activity.
After all it is your choice.......
So while heading out to get your next pair of shoes:
·         Be totally clear cut in your approach as for what purpose it is going to be utilized.
·         Remember the old saying ‘horses for courses’. Every feet is different and one shoe ideal for another may not be ideal for you.
·         Go to a good retailer shoe shop, one where you could expect to find a knowledgeable group of staff who could guide you based on your needs.
·         Once you have picked your Brand and model, don’t forget to look out for the best deals both online and offline. These days’ online retailers provide you better and competitive deals with flexibility of returns. Online stores are now a great platform to explore your shopping needs of any kind and in any genre. Find one branded shoe retailer here.
After you have got hold of your shoes, ensure well that you practice wearing it a few times rather than straightaway using it for your activity purpose in order to get well accustomed to it.

Then go bang bang with your new pair of shoes and have a blast....

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Nicely put!