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The Best Way of Workout for You and Your Kid

November 07, 2016 – 1 Comments

With the growing risk of diseases among the population because of the drastically changed lifestyle, exercising is very essential to remain healthy and lead a fit life. While you are well aware of the consequences that health conditions like obesity, malnutrition, etc. brings with them, your kid, on the other hand is totally unaware about those facts and often are seen resisting any physical activity and prefer switching over to virtual modes of entertainment.

And hence, here, your role as a parent needs to be played correctly. Parents must always motivate and constantly inspire their kid to run and exercise, keeping in mind the current scenario of numerous health concerns and life threatening diseases. 

It turns out that encouraging a child to exercise doesn't have to be all that tricky, all you have to do is focus upon your attitude towards exercise and never act lenient such as skipping your morning walk or eating lots of junks because believe it or not, your kids look to you as an exercise role model, so eventually your kids will copy whatever you do.

Research studies show that parents' attitudes about exercise and weight play important roles in keeping a child healthy and while you may expect your child to follow you, never let your expectations pile on over your child as this may prove to be dangerous. 

Following are some of the best forms of workout which are highly suitable for you and your kids:-

Competitive distance running may prove to be great for you and your child as it may excite your child and instill in them a feeling of healthy competition and the habit of setting goals.

Assign household chores such as yard work, washing the car, buying groceries, cleaning house -which count as forms of exercise too and work together with them. This brings you closer to your kid.

Plan vigorous weekend outings: Weekends are always exciting and full of energy; utilize this energy by adding exercise to your weekend plans such as hiking with your child, going for swimming or flying a kite. All this makes your child excited about the weekend.

Plan one special physical activity event each week for the whole family such as a walking or strolling in a park, going for a nearby adventure park, and riding a bicycle together.

Dance and celebrate: Each victory needs a celebration; your celebration with your kid must be different like dancing with them, or playing their favorite sport etc.

Play Entertaining Games such as “Red-Light, Green-Light; Jumping Rope; Jump or Drop etc.”

Challenge each other often: Challenging each other to do 20 round of Hula-Hoop, or skipping rope for 10 minutes, or reaching the grocery shop faster by cycle, are a part of effectively making your child do those workouts which they otherwise would feel lazy to do.

Low-intensity stretching and workouts: Naturally, exercising for 10-15 minutes a day can’t be replaced by anything else. Make your child do low-intensity exercises. Use tricks on them or promise to take them out to their favorite places if they fulfill the condition.

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