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8 Compelling Reasons to get yourself the Runkeeper App

October 03, 2016 – 0 Comments

1. Run with the Experts
Launched in 2008, Runkeeper is one of the first apps that gives you support on your fitness goals.Over the years and thousands of user reviews later, the app has seen lot of improvement and is now packed with features. It helps to stick to the experts in the fitness industry after all.

2. Your Fitness Coach
Runkeeper helps you to track all your activities, be it running or cycling and gives your personal statistics report like distance covered, pace and time taken. Beyond this, the app also keeps you motivated by notifying you of your personal bests and goals. Stay motivated with Runkeeper as your fitness coach.

3. Your Personal DJ
So you are in the middle of an intense run, and you find yourself listening to a track that goes with your speed. Surprised? Your Runkeeper has an in built audio cue in the form of Runkeeper DJ that picks out tracks to match with your tempo! More miles to go!

4. Train with Runkeeper
Your goal could be to run or to shed some flab. Runkeeper will help you with both. The app’s training plans will help you choose your target and give you a plan to achieve it. Flexibility being a key with Runkeeper, the plans can be changed according to your commitments and breaks that you may require.

5. Stay social
Runkeeper integrates your social networks such as Facebook and twitter. You can share your best runs, speed and photographs of you running with your friends. You can even allow your friends to see your run live by sharing a map of your workout!

6. Join THE club
Having your Runkeeper app is like being part of the most happening running club. The app gives you an option of checking out friends who are on the app and how they are faring. Runkeeper even gives you a reminder when you are lazing around and motivates you with workouts that your friends are doing!

7. Device friendly
Talking of improvements, Runkeeper over the years has been collaborating with all the right names in the industry. The app is integrated with Fitbit, Spotify, Apple watch, Android watch devices and more. You can run with a watch device and leave your mobile home, the app will still ensure your run is monitored using GPS. Flexibility at its best.

8. Challenge Yourself.
For all those lazy runners, Runkeeper’s challenge section is just the place to find your motivation. If you find it difficult to get yourself to run, take up a Runkeeper challenge. Challenges could vary from running a 5K run or such. Taking up a workout challenge can give you the chance to win discounts and accessories!
So what are you waiting for? Go get Runkeeper and stay fit!

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