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Fitness Focus - 5 Powerful reasons to stay FIT

August 26, 2016 – 0 Comments

Good things do not come to those who wait. Good things come to those who SWEAT!
Oh yes, even the old quotes have changed! Whether it’s sweating it out on the roads, or in the gyms, fitness is no longer a destination, it is now a way of life. Want to know why?

1.     Fight the flab
Fitness is about making sure you lower the risks of developing lifestyle diseases - Diabetes, heart ailments. Basically staying fit means cancelling out those excessive pizzas, long hours of sitting in front of the computer and other sedentary habits. Shedding flab is just a bonus, maybe also some muscles to show off!

2. Thinking Straight
Some hard science facts. Seems the more sweaty exercises you do, such as aerobics, the size of the hippocampus actually grows. Hippocampus - the brain area that remembers, helps you learn. So the next time you stumble for a word, think that is a signal to start a daily jog. Agree? Now you are thinking straight.

3. Fit = Happy= Confidence
We mean it! The equation doesn’t work straightaway. It starts with exercise, which in turn helps you cut flab and diseases. So you feel and look good. What better reason to be happy? Quick science - Endorphins or happy hormones are directly linked to exercise. A happy person is automatically self-confident. Aha, stepping out to get those jogging shoes? Hold on and read a bit more.

4. The Best Sleeping pill
Stressed? No sleep? We have an excellent pill for this - exercise. Keep aside just half hour everyday for a jog or even just a brisk walk. Swimming, games and even climbing stairs are counted. Mornings or afternoons are said to be the best for this sleep pill. Watch how you sleep like a baby. You can tell us about it.

5. More Energy, Less Sick Days
So how many days have you called in sick with cold or aches? Lost count? The Exercise pill helps here too. We have proof - studies have shown those who exercise regularly have just a 50% chance of catching a cold. Plus an added bonus - you have energy that can keep you going the whole day! No pick-me-up sugar filled juices anymore!

Convinced? Now’s the time to head out to get those fitness accessories! Little tips:
-       Start small. Motivate yourself with a sweat-absorbent Tee to exercise in.
-       Set yourself an easy schedule to start with, maybe 15 minutes a day?
-       Finally, don’t ever ignore your feet. Support them with the right shoes. Find great deals on sports shoes here!

Stay Fit and Happy!

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